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Jay Lethal....

Former TNA, and current Ring of Honor superstar, brings world-class Training to Tampa Bay.


Passion becomes Reality...


We provide training for wrestlers, referees, managers, and valets in a safe, controlled, environment. As head trainer, Jay designs our entire curriculum and will be your hands on trainer. We offer two different levels of training to facilitate learning; beginners and advanced classes.


Beginners class lasts about four months,and covers basic wrestling concepts including chain wrestling, safe bumping, basic moves, ring psychology, building matches and students will be working inside the ring from the very first class.


Advanced training comes at no additional cost and is covered by your tuition. At this stage you will begin putting advanced matches together, developing your character, practicing promos, learning moves that are specific you, fine-tuning your training, and eventually, wrestling on a Tampa Bay Pro Wrestling show.  


New prospective students please email us at JayLethalTraining@gmail.com for more details.

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The cost for training is $1500


We believe everyone should be able to follow their dreams,so we offer several affordable payment options.Tuition can be paid as follows....


Full Amount of  $1500    -    *Monthly payments of  $400    -    *Weekly payments of $100


$100 dollar deposit is due the first day of class. *** Weekly and monthly payments are made consistently until balance is paid off. 


Ready to make your passion a reality? contact as at


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